Vision for Ghana

Putting People First

Putting People First is the expression of our relentless effort to invest in sectors of our society with the view of empowering our people through better educational systems and opportunities; providing reliable and dependable healthcare arrangements; ensuring inclusiveness by protecting the most vulnerable in our society, thus creating reliable pathways for our youth to achieve their aspirations.

Our approach to “Putting People First” involves overarching concerns with redistribution, production, reproduction and protection; and synchronizes with our economic policy objectives in the pursuit of economic growth and social progress. We have verifiable achievements in education, healthcare, social protection, gender empowerment and equality, youth development and sporting opportunities as manifestations of our commitment.

Strong Economy for Jobs & Transformation

Strong and Resilient Economy represents our desire to build an economy that provides a channel for human creativity that meets the aspirations of Ghanaians to work. It is an illustration of our commitment to build an economy that nurtures and protects the young, the old and the vulnerable; an economy that
is capable of dealing with major adversities such as climate change, while at the same time enhancing life for our people. As Social Democrats, we believe that economic growth is important, however, growth alone is not enough to deliver jobs and fair incomes.

Our commitment to build a strong and resilient economy therefore, is one that prioritizes decent and productive work for our people as a means of brightening the prospects for poverty reduction and personal development. It is precisely because of this belief that we have actively incentivized various industries in the private sector not only to encourage the production of made in Ghana goods, but also to enlarge employment opportunities. To this end, beyond the continuous focus on maintaining prudent monetary and scal policies to attract investment, we will also continue to invest heavily in agriculture, manufacturing and mining to provide support to the private sector.

Infrastructure for Accelerated Development

The results of our massive infrastructure expansion programme can be seen across the country. Its impact on the quality of life of our people is obvious.

Notwithstanding the significant gains made, the NDC is poised to accelerate the provision of infrastructure to deepen the social and economic benefits of our transformation programme. In the next four years, the NDC government will adopt new developments in science and technology to provide impetus for accelerated infrastructure development.

Transparent and Accountable Governance


Ghana’s impressive record of good governance over the past two and a half decades has gained universal acclaim. The NDC’s even more impressive record of good governance in the last few years has manifested itself in the following global acknowledgements:

  • 2nd in Africa on the 2015 Rule of Law Index of the World Justice Project (WJP);
  • 5th in  Africa on the 2015 Democracy Index by the Economist Intelligence Unit;
  • 7th in Africa on the 2015 Corruption Perception Index of Transparency Intentional.

The NDC continues to place a lot of emphasis on transparency, accountability and participatory democracy as the pillars of good governance.

We believe firmly that these pillars properly anchored in our governance system, create an enabling political space for the empowerment of both state and non-state actors.