Cheers to 25years of the 4th Republic

January 07, 2018

Cheers to 25years of the 4th Republic

January 07, 2018

Today is an important day in the annals of our country. It is a day that heralds, the global recognition of our country as a worthy example of Democratic Governance and Stability for other states.

I have accepted and will be participating in a National Thanksgiving Church Service this afternoon to thank God for the strengthening of our democracy over the last 25years.

The 4th Republic will be our last Republic and would last for centuries to come. We owe the foundation of our Political Stability to the Good People of Ghana and the contributions of the various political parties and actors, post January 07, 1993.

With all its ups and downs, democracy and constitutional rule have brought enormous dividends to our dear country, Ghana. We have experienced the most extensive period of economic expansion in our history.

Throughout my travels across the continent and interaction with academia, the political class and the youth of Africa, I have and will continue to make a case for our countries to continue the work of deeper democratic consolidation. It is obvious that the broader the democratic space and the participation of our people in governance, the more progress we make as individual countries and as a continent.

While Ghana has advanced significantly in democratic governance and economic progress during the last 25 years, we still have the challenges of political intolerance and extreme partisanship to deal with.

I hope that beyond thanking God for this day, we shall spend our time and resources on how best to overcome the remaining hurdles that still stand in our way of establishing an ideal democracy.

Happy Anniversary.

- -JM.