John Mahama at David Axelrod’s Institute of Politics

John Mahama at David Axelrod’s Institute of Politics

Former President John D. Mahama early this month, April, shared his thoughts, knowledge and experiences as a former African Leader, a Historian, Communications Practitioner and Author with faculty and students of some universities in Chicago, USA.

From the Northwestern University, the Chicago State University and the University of Chicago, President Mahama took his audience through a history of democratic consolidation on the African continent, the importance of peace and stability as a key ingredient for development, and the developmental progress made by Ghana over years.

He also shared his thoughts on other important global issues like climate change, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the need for collaboration between nations.

At the University of Chicago, President Mahama lectured a Public Policy class and delivered a lecture hosted by the Institute of Politics, founded by former Barack Obama adviser, David Axelrod.

Speaking about the new wave of citizen actions in some parts of the world including the Arab Spring, President Mahama said, Africa has long experienced its version of the ‘springs’.

According to him, while the African spring was not in a cataclysmic manner, the continent has had its liberation struggles, experienced an era of military coups, and is now seeing a return to democratic consolidation with elections even in countries where there is only one dominant party.

Ghana, he said, is happy to be leading this consolidation across the continent.

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