Manifesto – Impact of Cyber-space on National Development

Protecting our national systems from criminal intrusion, what is called cyber security, has become the most critical national security objective in the near future.


The cyber security objective is to safeguard the integrity of our ICT infrastructure by eliminating

  • Hacking, which is the unauthorized entry and exploitation of the information in databases;
  • Mobile phone fraud;
  • Financial fraud (Sakawa) and money laundering;
  • The use of our ICT assets to promote terrorist activities.


The next NDC administration plans to confront four critical tasks:

  • Improve the awareness of the risks confronting the country;
  • Create the capacity to develop and manage the structures needed to combat cyber-crime;
  • Enhance international cooperation by establishing a network with key partners in the global cyber security system;
  • Establish an elite national cyber security unit to coordinate cyber security operations, harness existing skills and facilities and develop an operational plan to combat the threats that will be identified.