Manifesto – Enhancing Public Sector Reform

We will

  • Implement the Public Sector Reform Strategy (2016 – 2020);
  • Enhance supervision and productivity in the public service;
  • Consolidate and enhance the public service-wide Human Resource Management Information Systems (HRMIS);
  • Promote excellence in human resource management to deliver timely and responsive public service to the citizenry.

We also commit ourselves to

  • Coordinate all public sector reform initiatives in MDAs contained in the Public Sector Reform Strategy (PSRS);
  • Implement the African Charter of Values and Principles of Public Administration;
  • Implement and coordinate Service Delivery Improvement Programmes;
  • Implement the National Action Plan of Ghana Open Government Partnership (OGP) initiative;
  • Ensure the establishment of a performance contracting regime for sub-vented agencies.