Manifesto – Environment and Climate Change

We will

  • Continue to work with all relevant partners in the global community to take necessary steps to reduce environmental degradation and pollution;
  • We will establish an e-waste recycling plant at Agbogbloshie to provide employment and protect e-waste scrap dealers from hazardous material
  • Compile a directory of all existing ex-situ (off-site) components of biological diversity in Ghana;
  • Identify and protect priority species and genetic resources in need of urgent conservation efforts;
  • Implement the National Biodiversity Plan;
  • Intensify implementation of the regulations on the wood and forestry sub-sectors.


A key component of our strategy will be the implementation of a national programme on ‘Greening the Economy’. This will entail:

  • Placing emphasis on ‘Green Jobs’ to promote environmental sustainability;
  • Making the creation of a ‘Green Economy’ a major pillar of the long-term development plan;
  • Implementing the ‘Greening Ghana’ policy starting with the capital city Accra where various types of flowers, shrubs and trees will be planted along the roads, in public places, schools and parks to beautify and transform the face of the city, to create environmental balance and to enhance touristic value;
  • Supporting the nurturing and planting of tree seedlings across the country;
  • Integrating environmental sustainability into all local development plans.