Manifesto – Housing

We will

  • Complete housing projects currently underway;
  • Establish a district-wide affordable housing scheme in which 2-3 bedroom semi-detached houses will be built mostly with local material. This will be a collaboration between BRRI, Rural Housing, DACF and Habitat;
  • Establish a special rent advance scheme in which banks holding significant government accounts will be made to provide rent advance of between 1-2 years to enable workers with a regular income pay their rents;
  • Ensure that MMDAs rationalise and expedite the planning and building permit processes;
  • Review the existing building regulations to respond to emerging trends in the building sub-sector;
  • Encourage MMDAs to get involved in the provision of rental units for low income earners;
  • Continue the policy to use local and sustainable materials for building;
  • Adopt a comprehensive inner-city regeneration and urban renewal policy;
  • Establish a regulatory body to set and enforce standards management, quality control and capacity development in the built environment.