Manifesto – ICT and Telecommunication

We will

  • Commence the development of ‘Smart Cities’ and ICT Parks;
  • Expand e-Services and under the e-Government Project, roll out the Total Revenue Integrated Processing System to 32 Ghana Revenue Authority offices to further improve the tax collection system to enhance government revenue mobilization;
  • Ensure Analogue Switch Off and complete the digital migration process by 21st September 2017;
  • Implement the National Cyber Security Policy;
  • Facilitate the passage of the Broadcasting Bill;
  • Continue the implementation of the e-Transform Project;
  • Continue the Tertiary Institution Connectivity Programme;
  • Improve telephony connectivity especially in the rural communities;
  • Continue to extend ICT services to deprived communities;
  • Introduce domestic roaming in the telecom sector;
  • Continue building and equipping the Enhanced Community Information Centres (e-CICs);
  • Expand the fiber optic network to cover universities, schools, research and other relevant state institutions;
  • Complete the Ghana-Mauritius ICT Park Project;
  • Operationalise the National Data Centre and ensure that organisations commence uploading of relevant data in a timely manner;
  • Integrate the diverse biometric databases;
  • Work with the Bank of Ghana and other stakeholders to ensure a full cash-lite society by 2020;
  • Set up free WiFi hotspots in secondary and tertiary institutions.