Manifesto – Lands and Forestry


To safeguard our forests the next NDC Government will:

  • Distribute 20 million seedlings of various tree species per year for re-afforestation;
  • Support the large-scale production of acacia for the charcoal industry;
  • Implement the Ghana Forest Investment Programme (FIP) to address the causes of deforestation;
  • Convert the Atiwa Forest and Shai Hills Resource Reserve into National Eco-Tourism Parks;
  • Continue to enforce the regulations on the prevention of mining in protected areas;
  • Encourage high levels of co-operation among agencies such as the Forestry Commission, Water Resources Commission, Minerals Commission, Environmental Protection Agency and the Ghana Water Company to safeguard and protect all water bodies and watersheds;
  • Continue to intensify efforts towards the implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation mechanisms and tap into the carbon credit market.



We will:

  • Deepen the technological and legal reforms under the Land Administration Project/Town & Country Planning Department – Land Use Planning and Management Project (LAP/TCPDLUMP);
  • Link the National Identification System being developed to land administration with the view to enhancing easy identification of land owners should the need arise to avoid multiple sale of lands;
  • Enact and implement the Land Use and Spatial Planning Bill with a view to regularizing the land administration and planning system;
  • Support SADA to pilot the Land Trust Scheme to aid the orderly acquisition of land for both urban and rural investments;
  • Ensure the speedy prosecution of protected area offences.