Manifesto – Mining

We will:

  • Pursue the exploitation of our limestone, silica and bauxite reserves;
  • Initiate the exploration of other industrial minerals to reduce over-dependence on a few industrial minerals;
  • Support the establishment of additional gold refineries;
  • Enact a legislative instrument to back the full implementation of the Minerals and Mining (Amendment) Act, 2015 (Act 900);
  • Continue to enforce the law stipulating that small-scale mining is reserved for Ghanaians;
  • Align gold exports to ensure maximum repatriation of foreign exchange back to Ghana;
  • Establish a jewellery production village and gold market at Tepa in the Ashanti Region in collaboration with the Institute of Jewelry, KNUST;
  • Introduce a new medium-scale mining category with increased obligations for responsible mining;
  • Continue to provide the platform for the engagement of major stakeholders to ensure greater harmony and cooperation in mining communities;
  • Take steps to reclaim degraded lands in mining communities while ensuring the prevention of future degradation across the country;
  • Implement a system to track heavy-duty equipment (excavators and bulldozers) used in small-scale operations to help identify and arrest illegal miners.