Manifesto – National Security

John Mahama / September 21, 2016

We will

  • Support the police in the maintenance of law and order, as well as the protection of lives and property;
  • Continue recruitment and training of SWAT and crack counter terrorism operations squad;
  • Continue to strengthen the capacity of the Police to combat emerging threats such as cybercrime, terrorism and child and human trafficking;
  • Harmonise the laws on small arms and light weapons;
  • Continue to pursue programmes to decongest the prisons;
  • Pass the Ghana Immigration Service (Amendment) Regulations;
  • Provide fire service with equipment for fighting fire in high-rise buildings;
  • Install scanners at all major overland border crossing points;
  • Continue to enhance the capacity of NADMO to prevent and manage disasters;
  • Enact and implement the Prisons (Amendment) Bill;
  • Construct new remand blocks in existing prisons in order to separate remand prisoners from convicted prisoners;
  • Refurbish all existing prisons to improve ventilation and deepen skills acquisition and education opportunities for convicts;
  • Move Kumasi prison from its current location to a new modern medium security prison to serve the Northern part of the country;
  • Provide command and operational vehicles for the Fire Service, Prisons and Immigration services;
  • Provide modern communication equipment for all security services;
  • Construct hospitals for the remaining security services, Prisons, Fire Service, Immigration and Customs.