Manifesto – Science, Technology and Innovation

We will

  • Initiate the establishment of a national institution for Nano-Science, Material Science and Biotechnology;
  • Continue to adopt the peaceful use of nuclear energy in sectors such as agriculture, health and power to enhance national development;
  • Adopt an atomic energy policy and enact an enabling law to address operational issues related to nuclear power generation and the peaceful use of nuclear energy in all sectors of the economy, as well as nuclear waste management and security, and adhere to relevant international and regional protocols;
  • Expand the Mathematics, Science and Technology Scholarships Scheme (MASTESS);
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to provide a permanent campus for the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), Ghana;
  • Work towards attaining the national objective of 60:40 admission ratio in tertiary institutions in favour of the sciences;
  • Work with the private sector to commercialize research output.