Manifesto – Sustainable Power

In the next four years, we will:

  • Increase our stock of power generation assets;
  • Continue to develop more sustainable power sources and encourage energy conservation;
  • Increase generation capacity in excess of 5,000 Megawatts by 2021 and achieve universal access to electricity by 2025. Some of the targeted projects are:
    • Construction of the 186 Megawatts Takoradi 4 Project;
    • Expansion of VRA and CENIT thermal plants at Tema by 126 Megawatts;
    • Construction of 450 Megawatts thermal power plant at Domunli;
    • Construction of 700 Megawatts Clean Coal Power Project at Ekumfi Aboano.

We will also ensure the construction of the following:

  • 240Megawatts Amandi Power Project;
  • 1,000Megawatts GE Ghana 1000 Power Project;
  • 360Megawatts thermal power plant at Aboadze by Jacobsen Energy Ltd.

We will further ensure that our planning and building regulations incorporate sustainable energy conservation in buildings at the design and construction stages.