My brothers and sisters,

The world is changing and very fast.
Ghana, our once flourishing country, is unfortunately at a standstill.
Same speeches, same ideas, same problems, same poor leadership, same poor policies, same actions from an uncaring administration.

Ghana cannot stay the same. We are not getting richer, but poorer.
We are not getting more immersed in the global flux, but more isolated.

Ghana needs change! We need change! You need change! I need change!
The entire Ghanaian society is yearning for change!

Change may be challenging, and when the world is changing fast, problems may arise.
But with that comes more opportunities. We keep missing these opportunities.

What we need right now is a better #GlobalGhana, better #DigitalGhana, better #YoungGhana and a better #Ghana4Women.

If we want to have access to rich markets, we must go global, to invite more global companies to start producing in Ghana. This is how we will have more sustainable and better paid jobs. If we want access to better healthcare, to quality education and even to remote or virtual work, we must go digital. Universal access to quality internet and acquiring digital skills are now a must.

If we want to change fast, we need to harness the creativity of our young people – of our sons and daughters. Their energy, their innovative ways and their entrepreneurship should become our inspiration.

And if we want the change to be solid and deep, we need the empathy, the strength and the voice of our women and girls. We need them to become our equal partners, to be able to pursue their dreams without fear and prejudice.

This is #OurGhana! Our #TomorrowGhana. The time has come to build it together! I will always hear your voice and will always be your voice! I will lead the change you yearn for! I will deliver the needed change we are all waiting for! I will restore Hope. I will fight with teeth and claws to make sure our lives get better. It’s time2grow, time2hope, time2build, time2gether!

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